Functional Nutrition for Optimal Brain Health


I provide clear direction and support to anyone struggling with brain-related issues such as ADD/ADHD, anxiety, depression, and memory loss so that you can achieve your full potential and live a happier, less stress-filled, successful life.


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Functional Nutrition for Optimal Brain Health

I provide clear direction and support to anyone struggling with brain-related issues such as ADD/ADHD, anxiety, depression and memory issues so that you can achieve your full potential and live a happier, less stress-filled life.

Hi, I’m Holly Carter.

My Nutritional Therapy education coupled with 17 years of experience as an Industrial Engineer enables me to approach your brain-related issues in a holistic, logical, data-driven way.

However, it’s my years of personal experience helping my own children overcome the numerous neurological issues which threatened to derail their lives that gives me a unique perspective and empathy for those who find themselves in this difficult situation.

I focus on optimizing your body’s ability to utilize the essential nutrients found in real food and high-quality supplements in order to address systemic imbalances in the brain. I will partner with you to develop a personalized, achievable, life-style plan to address stress management, sleep, movement, and detoxification which will further improve brain function.

You no longer need to suffer in silence or feel powerless to do anything about your mental health issues. I will help guide and inspire you as well as provide you with the resources that you need to empower yourself to take action and operate at your full potential.

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My Approach

Critical Keys for Optimal Health

Focus On Foundations First

By optimizing digestion, the body can absorb nutrients and eliminate toxins to regain optimum balance.

Take Care of Yourself

When you eat nourishing foods, get proper rest, move your body frequently, and manage your stress levels you build a solid foundation for excellent health.

Eat Real Food

Give it the “great-grandmother test”. Would your great-grandmother recognize what you are eating as food? Can you pronounce the words on the “ingredients list”?

Take Action

There are many things that impact how our brain and body operate. Take charge, make those shifts, and relish the positive results.

On the Blog

Dive into information that can help you make sense of cutting-edge brain health information, provide you with delicious new recipes, and outline actions you can take to optimize your brain function.

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Breakfast Egg Salad

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Egg Roll in a Bowl

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Kind Words from Clients

“I have benefitted greatly…”

Holly brings her analytical skills from her engineering background along with her ability to teach from home schooling her children to her Nutritional Therapy Practice. She is thorough in her evaluation and easily applies her knowledge and commitment to the development of effective wellness protocols.  Her passion for wellness coupled with her compassion for people is a successful combination. I have benefitted greatly from her recommendations.


– Carol McGilliard

“…my entire quality of life has been positively affected.”

Holly listened, learned, collected data on my lifestyle, my health history and even my upbringing, and somewhere in there she discovered the key to what had always eluded me and others on my healthcare team…digestive dysfunction. I began to be empowered to change the direction of my health and vitality and I’ve experienced improvements in my immune system, my sleep, my skin and my hormone balance. As my body has begun to heal, my entire quality of life has been positively affected.


– Gretchen Costanzo

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